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Zevia Natural Diet Soda Review

I have been given offers on occasion for various “diet” products.  Early on, I had to make a very conscious decision as to what my philosophy on these products were going to be.  As you well know, I am all about making things from scratch and about keeping as much processed things out of my diet as possible.

I want this journey to a healthier me to be all about the NATURAL items.

When I was offered to review this new product, I was VERY excited!  Let me introduce you to Zevia Natural Diet Soda

I was privileged to not only get to review this product, but to review SIX flavors!


  The best thing about this product is that it is sweetened with a natural sweetener, stevia, and has ZERO calories, ZERO fat, and ZERO sugar!  What’s also great about using stevia is there isn’t that taste of the artificial sweetener as in other diet drinks…you know what I’m taking about!  I don’t drink diet soda because of that taste. But, with all those zeros, could this possibly be any good?  And what about that desired “bubble” from a soda?

Well, the bubbles are there.  Actually, I am pretty sure there are MORE bubbles than other soda (I can’t speak from scientific evidence, but that is my experience).

We had a regular root beer in our refrigerator so decided that, along with testing the product out, we would also do a comparison taste test.


The “other” root beer (shown above) was a store brand and had a bit more foam after it was poured (I know some “root beer coniseurs will like to know this).

But, side by side, they looked similar:


Now as for taste, we quickly learned there wasn’t a fair comparison as the can of Zevia read “Ginger Root” and you can most definitely taste the ginger in it.  I enjoyed it immensely.  My husband is not much for “different” tastes, so although he said it was okay, it was a bit too different for him.

Of the six flavors we were given to review, our favorite was….

The Ginger Ale!  I liked all the flavors that we were sent; however, if I had to choose, by far I would choose the Ginger Ale!

It really had the best flavor and after taste.

If you are a person who likes soda and likes it sweet, this is the product for you!  They have really done a fabulous job coming up with a product that tastes great and everyone will enjoy. 

Want to know where you can find it?  Go here to their locator (I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a a local store near me and will be looking for it there)

Would you like to try your own mixed six pack?  Well, you have come to the right place!  Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite flavor of soda.

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I’ll pick a winner Thursday at 5 pm Pacific time!


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